Wild Heart 

Soul Immersion Retreat
07 June – 14 June 2018


Transform Your life

Awaken your Soul’s Wisdom

Remember who you truly are


Come for a seven day journey of soul discovery through all areas of your life.
Release what is no longer working in your life.
Be part of a small tribe of people taking a journey of uncovering, unwinding and remembering who they really are.
 Connect with a fellow like-minded community of 10-15 other participants who are also looking to take their life to the next level.


2018 is about letting go of these old habits that no longer work.
Come immerse yourself in the lush beautiful world of Bali.



Soul Immersion Retreat

Remember your natural intutive essence and experience greater inner freedom in your life

Learn to completely and deeply love every aspect of yourself.

Re-Discover your child-like love of this world.

Learn specific tools to empower and awaken all areas of your life.

Physical Health & Vitality

  • Proper Nutrition and Diet
  • Exploring methods of fasting and cleansing
  • Daily Morning movement practice
  • Nourishing our physical body to create vibrant Health


Mental Mastery

  • discover how to master your mind to awaken the wisdom of our heart
  • Learn specific tools to enhance your philopshical understanding of this world
  • Dive into intellectual comprehension of our human experience
  • Learn to utlize the mind as the co-navigator of your life


Sexual Energy Mastery

  • discover simple ways to control, enhance and deepen your relationship with your sexual energy
  • Heal your relationship with your sexual energy, clearing away shame and guilt
  • Begin to link your sexual energy as the core creative essence of your life
  • Activate your being and celebrate your natural erotic genius
  • Deepen in your relationship with sacred sexual fluids
  • Discover your hidden and natural “tantric” self


Unlocking Financial Abundance

  • let go of all the old patterns, beliefs and ideas around money
  • Link your financial abundance center to your sexual creative genius
  • Uncover your natural blueprint for living and creating the wealthy life of your dreams
  • Recognize your inherent wisdom as the financial guru of your life
  • Learn specific simple tools for money management and “living in this world”
  • Become a heart centered financial master


Deepen your Spirituality

  • redefine spirituality in your life as being a sacred soul filled being
  • Utlize the natural spiritual nature of Bali to awaken your senses and deepen your connection to the divine
  • Allow your spirituality to be the guiding force for your life
  • Release shame, fear, frustration around spirituality in the world
  • Begin to see the world through the eyes of God
  • Be the primal creator of your own life
  • learn meditation techniques to ground and apply into your everyday life


Discover your Dharma

  • We are here as conscious beings in this human form with a particular purpose to share;  Discover this reason
  • Learn spefic processes that will help you clear away things in your life that are no longer serving you
  • Step boldy into the direction of your heartfelt dreams and desires
  • Unlock any blockages that are getting in the way of actively applying your soul’s purpose into the world
  • Begin to see purpose as a way of deeply serving the truth of your heart
  • Using breathe and movement to discover the creative genius that exists inside of you


Heart Centered Relationships

  • deepening in your inner marriage, between your inner man and inner woman
  • building a conscious container for either manifesting an ideal partner or deepening with your current partner
  • discovering simple methods for conscious communication
  • learn how to manage conflict and navigate through change inside of relationships
  • Utilizing a conscious relationship partner as a consort to the divine
  • Using relationship as a evolutionary tool for your soul’s expansion
  • Learn and apply methods to actively shift your current mindset and belief around relationships


Bali Adventures & Culture

  • Sunrise Hike at Mt. Batur
  • Discover the magical waterfall valley of Bali in an afternoon day trip
  • Awaken your senses and cleanse your soul at the ancient water temples of Bali
  • Get Immersed in the local rice fields in the oldest heritage site of Ubud
  • Explore the archeological sites such as Candi Tebing Kalebutan, Goa Gajah Cave and Moon of Pejeng
  • Get mystified and awakened by the deep soul filled culture of Bali


Why a Wild Heart Retreat?

You deserve this for yourself.
The time is now to start really investing in yourself.
To learn new ways to live more consciously in this world.
To let go of your shame and guilt.
To Remember who you really are.
Come be a part of an epic tribe for one week in the magical land of Bali
Explore wild and sensual waterfalls.
Discover ancient Balinese temples and sacred monuments.
Immerse in nature in one of the most picturesque places on earth.
Discover duplicatable methods to live a life of more freedom.

Your time is now.
Don’t delay any more.
Let this be your most incredible week of 2018.

Listen to the calling of your soul.  

Be sure to apply right away to be considered for one of the 13 spots.

Listen to your Intuition

Take Action Today:  APPLY NOW

Space is limited.


COST: Early Bird (before 01FEB) $2300

Payment Plan Options may be available.  Please fill out the application to be considered for this retreat.  Once your application has been accepted, payment options will be sent to you. 





If you are ready to come explore Bali, Transform your life and Awaken to the Wisdom of your Soul: