The Art of Loving 

Bringing Men and Women Together Through Worship
28 – 29 April 2018

Encounter Byron

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

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What happens when we let go of labels?

What exists when we can love one another without the need to control?





What happens when we can allow ourselves to deeply seen by each other, eye to eye, soul to soul and celebrate our differences. 

In this two day immersive workshop, EJ Love and Aaron Kleinerman will dive deep with you exploring the innate differences between men and women. These differences can be celebrated as each being comes into more fullness of their own erotic confidence and genius.

Not only will we teach you about the differences, but this is an opportunity to do experiential practices with a group of men and women who are all here to learn how to love and honour each other.

This is experiential. This is about real life.

This is about real honouring and real worship of men and women.

This is about letting go of everything you think you know and leaning into your own brilliant loving self.

Let go into love. Let go into truth and reveal the hidden essence of your being.

Find yourself at the hands of the divine in our safe sacred temple.



We Will Explore:


  • Understanding masculine/feminine polarities; building attraction and heightening chemistry.
  • How to love, honour and worship the opposite sex and seeing them as the divine being that they are
  • Deepening into your own self-love journey with your own inner man/woman
  • The importance of boundaries and consent to allow for much deeper healing
  • Conscious communication practices both in and out of the bedroom to create more vulnerability and emotional safety
  • Understanding what men and women need from each other to experience deeper levels of intimacy and connection
  • How to hold space for a woman so she feels fully safe to open up sexually and surrender to pleasure.
  • How to hold space for a man whilst being in feminine energy, making it safe for him to open up emotionally to you.
  • Learn how to awaken a man’s heart through sacred sexuality
  • Learn how to open a woman’s sexual surrender through her heart.
  • Understanding the effects of emasculation on a man and how to heal this
  • Understanding the effects of abuse on a woman and how to heal this
  • Discover your hidden and natural “tantric” self


We finish each day with a profound worship ritual that will integrate the teachings you have learned each day.

Day 1 Evening – Art of Loving Men Worship Ritual
Day 2 Evening – Art of Loving Women Worship Ritual

During the group worship rituals it is likely that profound healing will occur. Our intention is that the men’s worship ritual will heal effects of emasculation and/or betrayal and the women’s worship ritual will heal the effects of abuse and/or betrayal.

This part of the workshop is to bring men and women together in love, honour and reverence and these are extremely potent and powerful rituals.  


Schedule 0900-2030 Saturday and Sunday with lunch break.
Bring your own food or we are close to local restaurants.



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The Facilitators


Aaron Kleinerman

  • Aaron Kleinerman is a Transformational Sex & Relationship coach.  He assists individuals from experiencing inner and outer chaos to true authentic power.  He helps people to step boldly outside of their comfort zone and into their inherent creative and erotic genius.  For over a decade now, he has dedicated his time and energy to perpetual self-discovery while coaching humans to awaken and remember their heart’s unique wisdom.Aaron transformed from a licensed navigator of the seas to assisting people to navigate their lives.  He is a global citizen who travels, teaches and educates in workshops, private sessions and retreats.  In his own journey, he transcended massive inner chaos in his youth, to eventually experience and teach about life from the lens of love and perpetual evolution.  His workshops leave you cherishing the pure flavor of your being, while intimately awakening your pure erotic nature.


EJ Love

  • Emmajane Love (EJ) is a Love, Relationship and Sex Coach, Sexual Healer / Tantra Practitioner. EJ’s vast knowledge on Love, Intimacy and Sex combined with her focus on self-love, soul connection and spirituality has led to her being aptly dubbed the Love Priestess. She helps people to heal and empower themselves in love, intimacy and sex and speaking from her own personal experience, she travels the world sharing her message through speaking events, media, radio shows and writing articles, books and blogs.
    She has experienced the deep power of sexual healing and tantra and with studies in conscious relationships as well as personal development she has created online programs, one-on-one coaching, workshops and retreats which have helped hundreds of women and men to release and heal their pasts to go forward in love with confidence.

EJ is a regular speaker at SEXPO and the featured Love and Sex Expert on Soul TV. Her first book will be published by the end of 2017. Her mission is to help change the world by helping people to awaken and heal and to ultimately have deeply loving and intimate relationships.

You can connect with EJ via her Facebook page – and


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