Aaron’s Keynote Speeches &

Workshop topics include:

Being the Captain of Your Vessel

  • Understand a few simple key principles to mastering your mind and body
  • Learn to control your outlook on life, stop letting the world around you get you down
  • When individuals are uniquely grateful for who they truly are, the company flourishes as a whole

Emotional Intelligence

  • discern the difference between emotions from workplace, to sex life, to home
  • adapt your emotional understanding to increase productivity in life
  • manage the highs/lows of emotions while maintaining optimism

High Performance & Productivity through Value Determination

  • Understand your unique set of values to increase productivity
  • Use Value determination to increase employee satisfaction
  • Master your High performance frequency to keep you and your business highly productive

Increasing employee engagement

  • experiential education to assist employees to be more engaged and inspired at work
  • discover simple methods to uncover laziness and lethargy to have a workspace that flourishes with inspiration and dedication
  • Create a work culture of fulfillment and happiness

The Art of Human Connection

  • exercises and discussion into the art of our human existence
  • Return to the basics of communication (great for introductions at conferences/events)
  • Learn to celebrate our uniqueness, rather than judge/condemn our differences

Connecting Spirituality & Business

  • discover ways to integrate spirituality into your personal and business world
  • experiential discussions into the differences of spirituality to create homeostasis and celebration in the work place
  • uncover the key ingredient to a truly successful company

Choice: Discover fulfillment & purpose in work & life

  • our everyday choices determine our destiny.  By signaling in to our unique purpose here in life, we can utilize our choices as a navigational tool to uncover our unique greatness
  • Every decision we have made has a unique intelligence into encoding who we truly are.  By understanding your unique value set and decision making process, you too can create more fulfillment in your life.
  • Understand other people’s choices, and you can find deeper gratitude and appreciation for your own life

A Meditation Minute

  • What is meditation, and how can it help you?
  • Meditation in the workplace: does it work and how can it be implemented?
  • Everyday meditation; is it necessary?  how do people do it?  what are its benefits?

Mind intellect vs. Heart intelligence

  • Learn to equilibrate the mind, so the heart awakens to your unique wisdom
  • Become a “spiritual scientist” to unlock the innate intelligence of your heart
  • Discover simple everyday practices that bring you or your group more quickly and constantly into the intelligence of the heart and away from the judgements of the mind

Discovering Optimal Health and Well Being

  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience, so we had better master how to optimize our body to optimize our human experience.
  • Learn simple tools to implement to bring more vitality and youth to every cell of your body
  • Create a workplace that is humanity plus and body plus. Learn how optimal health of your employees increases there happiness and productivity

Healthy Gut = Healthy Mind

  • When our Gut gets what it needs, our overall body is escatic and nurtured.
  • discover ways to neutralize the “stuff” stuck in our gut, to make life more ideal and joyfully lived
  • When the workplace invigorates and inspires employees to take care of its eating habits, the entire energy shifts to create a deeply enriching and productive environment.

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