Aaron delivers a powerful message that awakens the inspiration and potentiality from within individuals.




He takes his audiences on a experiential journey that stays forever imprinted on their minds.

Aaron delivers a powerful message of awakening the inspiration, potentiality and high performance from within individuals.  He takes his audiences on a journey that stays forever imprinted on their minds.

What does it mean to be the captain of your own vessel?
To chart your own course..
To be the student of your own emotions..
To be the calm, quiet confident one in the face of the storm..

As an experienced captain of my own vessel, both my body and my boat, I have seen many sides to this illustrious question.
The analogies of shipboard terms are interwoven throughout our culture and it has taken me many years of studying, meditation and continual letting go to be clear with the message I speak through spirit.
Every day, we wake up, inside our human form, with a given set of emotions, with a given set of values. We make choices as per what is highest on these values. We have reactions and observations of the world as per how we think and as per what takes up space and time in our mind.
If I watch drama filled TV everyday, I am most likely going to have views of the world that “people are out to get me” and life is a serious of experiences of being in danger.
If I practice meditation everyday, I give my human body an opportunity to truly attune with my soul, and become clear on what actions and what possible points of action are possible to live a life of inspiration and service.
See, we are all born with a unique DNA pattern, a unique intellect flows through our being, driving our actions and creating our life. Through the process of truly recognizing that we are primal creators of our own reality, we learn the power and persuasion of our choice.
We have a choice on how we want to observe and see the world around us.
Is our choice one of perpetual love and soul awakening, or is it one of being the victim of our circumstances?

By learning to become the master of your human vessel, you learn a process that allows you to make decisions from your heart and no longer deciding from an imbalanced mind. By learning how to become a student of your emotions, learning how to properly and affectively feed your body temple, and discovering the true wisdom of your soul, you effectively be and become your own captain.

A quiet calm captain is one who has studied thoroughly, has researched deeply and knows intuitively the flow and inspired actions to move forward in life. This captain knows when to seek guidance, when to ask questions and when to lead boldly and bravely. These decisions are not driven from an egoic need to be seen, but rather from an intuitive flow from within.

As a licensed captain, I have worked for many years on the seas, watching various captains along the way, learning from their mistakes, learning from my mistakes and ultimately recognizing that the master with a quiet, confident, humble demeanor is the one who truly knows his vessel and knows how to masterfully handle it in all situations.

For you, your vessel is your body.
It is the body that you wake up with everyday.
Maybe you feel a bit overweight..
Maybe you feel a bit emotionally challenged..
Maybe you have goals, dreams and desires and are not quite sure about how to move forward with grace and ease…

All of these situations apply for the workshops and retreats I teach, for it is about how to achieve and be the captain of your vessel. I have traveled around the world and back several times and the universal piece that is consistent in every human on this planet, is we are all going through a given set of emotions, with a given set of values, doing our best to live life inspired and with love. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, but in truth, we are all divine beings having a human experience and returning to the depth filled space of wisdom within our souls.



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