I help singles find Love.
I help partners deepen in Love.
I help humans be better lovers and stronger leaders.


Our world needs more strength and leadership, so let’s start from the bedroom, by dropping our minds and beginning to experience life from the wisdom & embodiment of our heart.
At the core of all human desire is connection.
We love to share intimacy with another.

 Whether this is through conversation, through touch or through intercourse, there is a deep yearning inside of every human to have deep heartfelt connection in their life. 
So what is missing?

Why do we fall in love with love, and continue to end up in this sea of suffering, shame, guilt
and friction inside the arena of intimacy and love?

Why do we end up in relationship, only to see the same patterns re-appearing with a new person?



Sex & Relationship Coaching

I help people remember their natural intutive essence and experience greater inner freedom in life.

  • We must learn to completely and deeply love every aspect of our self.
    Until, we have fallen deeply in love with our self, our shadows and our skills, it will be very difficult to have a lasting and meaningful relationship with another.
  • We must learn to see other’s as a reflection of what’s inside us. It is no mistake that often the very individual to whom we have a profoundly deep and caring relationship with, is also the one who triggers us indefinitely. The one we love to the moon and back, is also the one we want to throw off the moon, and watch them disappear in a sea of nothingness.  Why this anomaly? Simply because as our borders and boundaries come down through deep intimate connection, the shadows and the pains within us are revealed. The specific characteristics of the being in front of us represent often the un-owned characteristics inside our self. So, instead of fighting, kicking, screaming and manipulating this individual who has set us into our pain-body, we can slowly, through practice, see their actions or inactions as a way to reveal the depth of our true self.
    This practice takes time, energy and an a willingness to grow.
  • Life is here for our joy and empowerment. Let go of the insistent seriousness. Let go of the need to always have a plan and always know what to do. Be willing to get messy. Be willing to completely fail, for this is where all the juiciness happens. This is where you actually get revealed to yourself and life begins to unfold with greater grace and ease.


  • connect more deeply to your own inner magnificence.
  • Learn Specific tools to enhance your dating experience
  • Discover your inner beloved
  • Start by loving yourself first



  • Re-Ignite the Passion 
  • Build a Foundation of Truth & Vulnerability
  • Discover tools that will enhance your bedroom experience
  • Learn communication centered from the heart
  • Learn how to move through “fights” with grace and ease

Why Sex & Relationship Coaching?

Sex is the core of our creation really. It is what brought us into this form, so why not master the energetic component of it and bring the darkness out into the light.

Our sexuality can be hidden behind a mask of shame, guilt, fear and worry.The more the deep innermost desires are presented, you can begin to witness the evolution of awakening the body.
There is nothing to hide about our sexuality. It is natural, it is erotic and it is free. Yet, so much of the programming we have been surrounded by applies this place of feeling bad for our desires and wishes.
Nothing is more sexy than a man/woman who whispers into his/her partner’s ears all the erotic things they would like to experience. It may feel unnatural, it may feel awkward, but this is where our sexuality, meets our spirituality and growth.
At the core of every deep profound meeting with another, is not the other’s body, mind or genitals, but rather it is a gateway directly to the divine.

We, as humans, are missing this in our life.
Our world has been flooded with a need to do everything.
To rush into things
to create agendas and expectations,
to create stress
but what we need more than anything is to drop into our natural authentic, erotic state.
This is a state that is beyond neediness, expectation or attachment.

It is a space that softens in the presence of love and invites others in through the expansiveness of the heart.

Let’s create a space to dive deeply into your natural & intuitive self.

If you are in relationship and you are wanting to deepen in your partnership,
If you are single and you are looking to find the partner you know you desire


What I love doing…

I offer FREE 20-30 minute deep dive conversation into your Sex & Relationship life.
We will explore what’s working and what’s not working.

I will give you a few specific tools to walk away with new clarity and strength in your life.
Our conversations will enhance your love life and intimacy.

You will discover the true depth of your natural authentic state of being.




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