Introduction to the Experiential Coaching Program

Are you a bit fed up with the “chaos” you see out in the world?
Are you seeking a space of answers, understanding and inspiration for moving ahead in your life?
What if the wisdom you seek was within?
What if the change you desire was within?
      For over fifteen years now, I have been on a journey.  A journey of self discovery and continuous evolution of my body, mind and soul.  
    At 18 when I had my first “spiritual awakening” on board a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean, I always wished I had a direct source, or coach to turn to, to assist me in my human and soul evolution.  
  This ten week experiential group coaching course is that program.  I have synthesized over 15 years of study, research and understanding in the realms of personal development, spiritual psychology and sexual awakening to bring you a program that assists you on your own journey.
    Now, I certainly do not have ALL the answers, but what this program is, is a pathway to opening up the wisdom that is already within you.  I am not here to “TEACH” you anything, merely here to ask you some thought provoking questions and share some content that will assist you in waking up the knowledge and wisdom that you already have. 

This is interactive.

This is experiential.

This is NOT sitting back and taking the easy route.

I will challenge you.

Your peers will challenge you.

You will be assigned a peer “coach” through the program in addition to our group conversations.
This is about taking a stand into a new paradigm of understanding of truth in your life.
So, even though you may think you are ready for such a journey, some of you may not be.  This is why I am hand selecting the 12 people I want to take with me on this journey.  This will be both men & women. 
I have facilitated other group coaching programs in the past, but not one to this degree.  I do not enjoy working with people who do not show initiative, but for those of you who feel ready to take your comprehension and embodiment of your human experience to the next level, sign up below for a conversation with me.  This program will go through both our human experience of our self, as well as a deep profound awareness as ourselves as spiritual beings.  It will leave you feeling grounded, embodied and ready to take profound action into your true mission & vision into the world.  
You will access your inner purpose and be ready to actually apply your genius into your life.
This outline alone has immense value, for it lays a basic foundation that you can learn from even if you are not selected for this program.
I look forward to speaking with you and I am inspired about your interest and desire in awakening your life and taking part in this course.
Happy journey!
– Aaron