Discover Trust:

In yourself & with others

Aaron is a certified 200 Hr Yoga Alliance teacher.  He studied at the Green Yoga School in India.  He is also a certified Acrovinyasa teacher, taking yoga from the earth into the air.

Yoga for Aaron was always an individual practice and he never had any thought of teaching.  However, after over ten years of individual practice, the space of teaching began to call him forward.  Aaron began teaching acro simply by helping others in community acro gatherings around the world.  Acro practice became more of an art of watching people dissolve fear and awaken into a new state of confidence. As individuals began to let go, trust deeper, a space was created for powerful personal transformation.

By seeing this transformation on the mat, he began to dedicate himself to learning the essence and art of asana practice to incorporate it with his transformational trainings. Aaron integrates his transformational coaching with his embodied yoga practice. He comes alive with his audience bringing them into their highest potential on and off the mat.

Acro yoga is a yoga of trust, where people can experientially embody a shift in consciousness by learning to trust themselves and others on a yoga mat and out in the world.

Aaron shares his acro trainings in his transformational, tantric and men’s retreats as an embodied morning practice.  It helps people prepare the body & mind for a full day of growth and evolution.   He also takes this partner yoga practice into companies and corporations to build rapport amongst employees and to deepen in the overall trust and synergy within the organization.  Acro yoga is great for team building, confidence building and invoking our playful inner child.

Aaron also teaches power vinyasa and yin yoga.   Wherever Aaron may be, he incorporates his love of human behavior and transformation.  Aaron challenges his students to embody and step into richer and more powerful state of consciousness within their body and mind.